Engaging People
For EcoCPR!


Yerba Bioadvocacy - YerbaBio for short - is committed to raising awareness and appreciation of biodiversity, and to engaging everyday people for its conservation, protection, and restoration... i.e. EcoCPR!

Based in San Mateo County, California, our primary focus is the Santa Cruz Mountain Bioregion - though we do dabble elsewhere too. Current efforts include habitat restoration, our fledgling Partner Enrichment Program, and various other education and outreach activities.

We hope you'll look around our website a bit to learn more about what we do and why... and we really hope you'll go take action yourself to speak out for and protect biodiversity in your own area, wherever that may be!

Website launch, March 2017

We have a real website now!

For the past year we had a primitive and rather sad looking website - really just a place holder - that few saw since we didn't publicize it at all. But as we ramp up our organization and efforts in 2017, it's time for a real website - and yer lookin' at it!

There's still plenty to work out, and loads of content to fill in, but it'll get us by for now. If you see any problems or encounter any errors please contact us and let us know!

Edgewood 2017 Restoration Planning

One of YerbaBio's main efforts is habitat restoration at Edgewood County Park & Natural Preserve near Redwood City, CA. Planning is under way now for our 2017 season - we hope to have more info and official schedules ready by mid March so stay tuned!

Junipero Serra BioBlitz on March 25

On March 25, San Mateo County Parks is hosting a BioBlitz at Junipero Serra Park. YerbaBio is helping co-lead this fun and family-friendly event, which brings everyday people out to help document all the biodiversity they can find in a single morning!

Learn more and find out how to participate at the Park's BioBlitz page.

If you have in depth knowledge about how to identify local species - plant, animal, fungus, or whatever - and want to share that with others, then we could use your help at the blitz. Please contact us to see if you can help at the event as a co-leader.