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For EcoCPR!

Our Efforts...

YerbaBio engages in a broad range of bioadvocacy and EcoCPR:

See below for more on some of our specific efforts...

Edgewood County Park

YerbaBio's founder and many of its volunteers have a long history of bioadvocacy and EcoCPR at Edgewood County Park & Natural Preserve, near Redwood City, CA.

Though just 467 acres, this local gem is widely renowned for its fabulous wildflowers and amazing diversity. And as the only Natural Preserve in the San Mateo County park system, it exists specifically to protect native biodiversity, including over 300 native plant species - some of which are rare, threatened, or endangered, including two found nowhere else in the world!

One of the greatest threats to biodiversity at Edgewood is habitat loss due to non-native "weed" species. These plants displace natives and reduce diversity - but dedicated park staff, conservation organizations, and volunteers work to control them so the natives will have a chance to flourish!

YerbaBio is proud to be part of habitat restoration efforts at Edgewood - planning is underway now for our 2017 season, so stay tuned for more details in the near future. And if you'd like to join our Edgewood efforts, contact us at { [ recipient (volunteer) ] at [ domain label (yerbabio) point domain label (org) ] }.

Partner Enrichment Program

The goal of YerbaBio's Partner Enrichment Program (PEP) is to help partner organizations enhance their awareness, knowledge, and expertise regarding biodiversity and conservation, with particular emphasis on the local flora. Through such enhancement we hope to make our partners more effective in their own bioadvocacy and EcoCPR work!

If you're part of an environmental or land management organization in the Santa Cruz Mountain Bioregion - roughly San Francisco to San Jose to Santa Cruz to San Francisco - and would like our help to enhance your knowledge of biodiversity and our local flora, contact us at { [ recipient (pep) ] at [ domain label (yerbabio) point domain label (org) ] }.

We'll work with you to craft learning opportunities for your organization that best suit your schedule and interests, and emphasizes your properties and conservation goals.


A BioBlitz is an effort to observe and document as much biodiversity in a given area as possible in a limited time period.

In recent years, San Mateo County Parks has hosted several public BioBlitzes in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences and other partner organizations. These "citizen science" events are fun and family-friendly, and provide a great way to get out in our local landscape and learn more about our rich local ecosystems while capturing real scientific data to better understand them and the threats they face. In essence, we can't protect something if we don't know what's there... BioBlitzes help us fill in the "what"!

YerbaBio's founder has been a partner and co-leader at several of these events, and we look forward to continuing that partnership in the future. See below for upcoming BioBlitzes we'll be helping with.

If you have in depth knowledge about how to identify local species - plant, animal, fungus, or whatever - and want to share that with others, we could use your help at future BioBlitzes. Please contact us about pitching in as a BioBlitz co-leader!

Junipero Serra BioBlitz on March 25

The next San Mateo County Parks BioBlitz will be March 25, at Junipero Serra Park.

You can learn more and find out how to participate at the Park's BioBlitz page... perhaps we'll see you there!